International Dog Show Wels AUT 02.12.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mr.Ing.J.Dostal CZE, entry 8 dogs)
Left: Day And Night Decuma - intermedia CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2BIG
Right: Kiltown Abbey Herne - champ. class CAC, CACIB

International Dog Show Prague CZE 18.11.2006. - RESULTS
(judge Mrs.L.Mach SUI, entry 9 dogs)

World Dog Show Poznan POL 10.11.2006. - RESULTS + PHOTOS
(judge Mr.Dr.G.Bodegard SWE, entry 84 dogs)
Champion class

International Dog Show Nitra SVK 05.11.2006. - RESULTS
(judge Mr.T.Havelka SVK, entry 6 dogs)
Gaysyde March Sunrise BOB, 2BIG (photo by V.Chrpova)

Sighthound Specialty Nitra SVK 04.11.2006. - RESULTS + PHOTOS
(judge Mrs.J.Malley UK, entry 9 dogs)
From left: photo 1&2 Ice Image Riuna - open class 1.Exc. CAC, Best Dog, BOB, photo 3&4 Imposant Imp Riuna - champion class 1.Exc. CAC

International Dog Show C.Budejovice CZE 7.10.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mr.A.Kelemen ROM, entry 9 dogs)

Intenational Dog Show Tulln AUT 30.09.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mr.K.Summer AUT, entry 6 dogs)
From left Druidwood Karen Blixen - Gaysyde Marchioness

National Dog Show Brno CZE 23.9.2006 - RESULTS + PHOTOS
(judge Mrs.MVDr.M.Pavlaskova SVK, entry 4 dogs)
Caesar Windspiel Decuma - national winner, BOB, 2BIG

International Dog Show Lipsko GER 10.9.2006 - RESULTS + PHOTOS
(judge Mrs.Piesik GER, entry 6 dogs)

International Dog Show Kecskemét HUN 10.9.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mr.E.Jeruzalemsky RUS, entry 2 dogs)

National Dog Show Lipsko GER 9.9.2006 - RESULTS + PHOTOS
(judge Mr.W.Richter GER, entry 4 dogs)

Club Show ADP Konopiště CZE 9.9.2006 - RESULTS + PHOTOS by L.Svejdova
(judge Mr.W.Baumann GER, entry 17 dogs)
Champion class dogs 1.Exc. CAC, club winner, BOB Imposant Imp Riuna, 2.Exc. r.CAC Ch. Gaysyde March Sunrise, 3.G Ich. Caesar Windspiel Decuma

Champion class bitches 1.Exc. CAC, club winner Gaysyde Marchioness, Open class 1.Exc. CAC Eiry Elf's Halleys Comet, 2.Exc. Baby Girl Fi-It

Youth class bitches 1.Exc. CAJC Candy Sugar Fi-It, 2.Exc. Eikica Goody-Goody Gaia, 3.Exc. Embassy Explose Jumping Jet

International Dog Show Mlada Boleslav 2.9.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mrs.I.Vojtekova SVK, entry 8 dogs)
Gaysyde Marchioness BOB, BIG

International Dog Show Bratislava SVK 20.8.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mr.J.J.Dupas FRA, entry 9 dogs)

International Dog Show Bratislava SVK 19.8.2006 - RESULTS + PHOTOS
(judge Mrs.ak.soch.L.Fintorova SVK, entry 9 dogs)
Exc.2 r.CAC Ice Image Riuna, Exc.1 CAC, r.CACIB Gaysyde March Sunrise, Exc.1 CAC Imposant Imp Riuna

Sighthound Specialty Donaueschingen GER 6.8.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mr.B.Fritz GER, entry 16 dogs)
Joasis The Hunter, BOB, BIS

Sighthound Specialty Donaueschingen GER 5.8.2006 - RESULTS + PHOTOS (Photo by Decuma and B.Kessler)
(judge Mr.Dr.E.Zimmermann GER, entry 18 dogs)
Bitches winners Intermedia, Open and Champion class

Dogs Champion class - Damrak's Hangover, Happy Hunter's Kind Of Magic, Telegram Twist O'Fortune

Dogs Intermedia class - Demoliton Man Decuma, Joasis The Hunter, Wenonah Koronis

International Dog Show Szombáthely HUN 23.7.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mrs.R.Wagner LUX, entry 3 dogs)

National Dog Show Mlada Boleslav CZE 22.7.2006 - RESULTS WITH PHOTOS
(judge Mr.A.Kazmierski POL, entry 7 dogs)

International Dog Show Brno CZE 24.6.2006 - RESULTS WITH PHOTOS
(judge Mrs. V.Panuskova CZE, entry 14 dogs)
Open class (left) 1.Exc. CAC Gaysyde March Sunrise, (right) 2.Exc. r.CAC Imposant Imp Riuna

Sighthound Specialty Konopiste CZE 17.6.2006 - RESULTS WITH PHOTOS
(judge Mr. R.Hubenthal SWE, entry 13 dogs)
Left: BOB Jch. Vagtazo Cica (Magyar Agar)
Middle: BOB, specialty winner Imposant Imp Riuna (Greyhound)
Right: BOS Gaysyde Marchioness

European Winner 2006 Helsinki FIN 9.6.2006
(judge Junior class: Mr. A.Landarte UY, entry 12 dogs, Adult class: Mr. U.Timonen FIN, entry 26 dogs)

2.Exc. Gaysyde March Sunrise - open class
3.Exc. Demolition Man Decuma - junior class
4.Exc. D'Bluebell Decuma - junior class
4.Exc. Caesar Windspiel Decuma - champion class

International Dog Show Nitra SVK 4.6.2006 - RESULTS WITH PHOTOS
(judge Mr. O. Fintora SVK, entry 10 dogs)
From left: Baby Girl FI-IT, Gaysyde Marchioness, Caesar Windspiel Decuma

International Dog Show Litomerice CZE 20.5.2006 - RESULTS WITH PHOTOS
(judge Mrs. Ing. R.Maresova CZE, entry 7 dogs)

International Dog Show Prague CZE 29.4.2006 - RESULTS WITH PHOTOS
(judge Mr. Skaar Torbjorn SWE, entry 12 dogs)
From left Imposant Imp Riuna (open class V1, CAC, r.CACIB), Gaysyde March Sunrise (open class V2, r.CAC)

International Dog Show C.Budejovice CZE 22.4.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mr.K.Summer AUT, entry 9 dogs)
From left D'Bluebell Decuma (CAC, CACIB, BOB, 3BIG), Dahmrak's Hangover (CAC, CACIB)

National Dog Show Ostrava CZE 8.4.2006 - RESULTS
(judge Mrs.M.Ruzickova CZE, entry 4 dogs)

International Dog Show Luxemberg LUX 25.3.2006
(judge Mr.G.Jipping NED, entry 20 dogs)
D'Bluebell Decuma - junior class Exc.1 CAJC, junior champion Luxemberg

CRUFTS 2006 Birmingham UK 10.3.2006 - SHOW RESULTS WITH PHOTOS by B.Kessler & D.Rudolph
(judge Mrs.Z.Rawson GB, entry 75 dogs)
Gaysyde March Sunrise - post grad 2nd. place
Ceaser Windspiel Decuma - open class 6th place HC
Cranberry Decuma - open class 6th place HC

From left Ch. Azrams Rhys Jones (open class 1st place - BOB)
Ch. Mistweave Making Waves (open class 2nd place)
Talissand Master Morpheus Of Blakeskerra (open class 3rd place)

Gaysyde March Sunrise
Gaysyde March Sunrise (post grad 2nd place)

Club Dog Show KCHCH C.Budejovice CZE 4.3.2006 - SHOW RESULTS WITH PHOTO
(judge Mrs.Ing.H.Petrusova CZE, entry 11 dogs)
Left: Cranberry Decuma - Club winner
Right: Airy Elfs Junos Beauty

International Dog Show Brno CZE 11.2.2006 - SHOW RESULTS
(judge Mr.T.Havelka SVK, entry 11 dogs)
DBluebell Decuma BIS Junior

International Dog Show Trencin SVK 29.1.2006 - SHOW RESULTS WITH PHOTOS
(judge Mr.M.Gunis SVK, entry 5 dogs)

National Dog Show Olomouc CZE 14.1.2006 - SHOW RESULTS
(judge Mr.Ing.Jaromir Dostal, DrSc. CZE, entry 5 dogs)

Our Caesar Windspiel Decuma sighthound number 2 for year 2005 in Czech republic.

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